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Euclid Network is a partner in this project, funded by Credit Cooperatif and MACIF, which works to foster social economy and enterprise and engagement in the Mediterranean/MENA region. EN Executive Director Filippo Addarii is also on the programme committee, helping to develop the programme. Its objectives are to: open up industries and territories; mobilise resources and involvement for a given event; and stimulate innovation in the field.

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Global Solution Networks

Global Solution Networks ('Understanding the New Multi-Stakeholder Models for Global Cooperation, Problem Solving and Governance') is a new, landmark study of global networks for cooperation, problem solving and governance. Through a series of major research projects led by global experts,it will address the growing urgency to rethink our aging global institutions,identifying and explaining key issues, strategies and approaches that can help new and innovative platforms scale and become material on the global scene. Joining institutions, corporations and individuals from around the world in this program to create a series of publications, and ultimately a book authored by contributing members, members will explore, explain and illustrate emerging models for policy choices and business investment.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs 3

Following on from our success with our first Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs project, Euclid Network is now coordinating another round of the European Commission’s Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, funded by DG Industry and Enterprise. With partners in France, Italy and the UK, our partnership is able to provide successful matches for both host and new entrepreneurs across Europe. What is unique about us, however, is that we are the only partnership which also provides specialised assistance and knowledge for social entrepreneurs who would like to participate. The current cycle is already ongoing and will end in January 2014.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs 4

Entrepreneurship growth is the focus of this Erasmus programme. International exchanges are arranged that give "new entrepreneurs (NEs)" the experience necessary for an ultimate new business launch, while "Host Entrepreneurs" themselves benefit from fresh perspectives offered by NEs.  For the first time the programme is open to countries beyond the 27 EU member states. Citizens of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Israel and Macedonia can now apply.

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International Social Innovation Competition: Naples 2.0

Euclid Network, with UniCredit Foundation and Project Ahead, launched the International Social Innovation Competition. The competition called on international social innovators to submit ideas to tackle concrete challenges in Naples. The goal is to prove that citizens, cooperating across traditional boundaries, can provide new solutions to social problems – i.e. social innovation.This builds on Euclid Network’s experience in social innovation, and relates to ‘This is European Social Innovation’.

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Social Innovation Park - A New European Infrastructure...

Social Experimentation is a project funded by the European Commission's DG Employment and Social Affairs. Together with DenokInn (ES), ConfCooperative Napoli (IT) and DemNet (HU), Euclid Network is piloting a new infrastructure: The Social Innovation Park. The Park has the goal to develop and implement new methodologies for emerging social challenges. The outcomes and lessons learned from this project will be disseminated and submitted to the European Commission in the form of recommendations. The focus area of the project is social entrepreneurship.

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Strategic Partnership with the British Office for Civil Society (OCS)

Together with ACEVO, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and Network for Europe, Euclid Network has been awarded a strategic partnership with the Office for Civil Society (OCS). This joint partnership will help UK civil society have a greater voice in European affairs and better access to European funding.

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Strengthening capacities of CSOs (Macedonia)

Euclid Network is working on this project with the Delegation of the European Union to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, aiming to strengthen capacities of CSOs and create supporting infrastructure to mobilise local resources and undertake economic activities.

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Together Toward Europe (Croatia)

Euclid Network is a partner in this project coordinated by Cenzura Plus in Crotia. The project aims to promote EU values and intercultural dialogue in the region; status of women in politics; and talk about challenges faced by CSOs from candidate countries in the process of accession to the EU.

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Inclusion of financial sector in support of non-profit sector sustainability: the beginning of a dialogue

In the framework of identifying how financial institutions can be supportive and proactive, responding to civil society needs, Partners Albania Center for Change and Conflict Management, together with Euclid Network and Banca Intesa SanPaolo, launched the initiative for the inclusion of financial sector in support of not-for-profit sector sustainability to understand and address the needs of Albanian Civil Society Organisations and discuss possible cooperation between Banca Intesa SanPaolo and the civil society sector.

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Research Projects

Currently we are involved in three research projects:

CONSIDER: Civil Society Organisations in Designing Research Governance

MD: Emergence by Design

INSITE: The Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT

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Euclid Network is supported by the European Commission and is a strategic partner of the British Government's Office for Civil Society.

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